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Dear Ladies, Here Are 4 Rules You Shouldn't Break In A Relationship

The bond that two lovers share isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Every single one of us is a different individual, and that diversity can come in the way of your love life. Relationships may be complicated and stressful.

Right below are four rules you shouldn't break in a relationship.

1. Don't go chasing someone: As a lady, one of the rules you shouldn't break in a relationship is to go chasing someone. Going after a man all because you need a date proposal from him is not a nice idea when it comes to your dignity. If he's a man that doesn't value women, he will definitely not value you when you go chasing after him.

Stay back from a man who doesn't value you. Instead of chasing after a man, why don't you build yourself for men to chase you? Also, have you been in a relationship where you asked someone to do even the simplest things? Like, have you ever tried asking your man to spend time with you? 

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If yes, then here's what you need to do. If you feel as if your man wasn't always available for you, rather than chasing after him, just forget about him. You might have probably left him for a while, likely making him feel your absence in his life, and when he has felt that absence, he may come for a reconciliation. 

Never go chasing after a man. If he genuinely loves you, he will always be there for you without you even reminding them about it or asking for it. Most times, you may notice that when you even run after him, you may end up getting ignored by him. 

2. Don't wait for too long: Another rule you shouldn't break in a relationship is waiting for too long. If you have seen that your relationship is not working out the way it used to be, then you should leave. Staying in a relationship that doesn't have a way forward is more like running on a gym machine. You keep running on it without moving anywhere. 

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So, rather than staying in a dead relationship, it would be best if you broke up with your man and moved on with life. Life is too short for everyone, and it wouldn't cost you anything if you left a relationship that's not working perfectly fine. It would not cost you even a dime. 

Have you ever thought of when someone carries an emotional bandage? Couples who date each other are not always on the same page about their relationship. If you feel that your man is finding it a little bit difficult to shower you with love and care, then it would be pretty much better if you should leave him for a moment. 

Don't wait for too long when you know obviously that this particular thing may not work out for you. It doesn't only apply in a relationship, it applies in real life too. Waiting for too long might ruin your chances of finding the right man. So, rather than waiting for too long, it would be nice if you left. 

3. Never hesitate to communicate: When you've got a partner who loves you wholeheartedly, never hesitate to communicate with him. That's just one of the rules you shouldn't break in a relationship. Just in case you might have forgotten, a relationship is a loving friendship between two people. 

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You should try to communicate with your man more frequently because it's through communication you both could get to know each other well. No matter how hard it may be, don't try breaking the rule of communicating with your partner. When you come across successful relationships, try making in-depth research, and you will see that communication is one of the vital factors used there. 

If something goes wrong in your relationship, it would be better to resolve it through communication instead of fights, quarrels, and insults. Also, don't ever try to shut your man out and choose not to talk about it. 

4. Respect each other's personal space: Respecting each other's personal space is one of the rules you shouldn't break in a relationship. When your man is depressed and needs time to get himself back, instead of disturbing him or making him feel more bad, it would be better for you to give him that personal space.

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Always give your man his own space. If he asks to or expresses the need to be left alone, then you should leave him for a while. Everyone needs some privacy, and it shouldn't be new to you when you notice that your man needs it. Your man might find it a little bit difficult to tell you about it, but then he needs to be alone, at least for some period of time. 

What you need to know is that taking someone's private space and privacy away from them has never resulted in a healthy relationship. It can be more damaging than it may seem at the moment. Don't just force yourself to do anything funny and silly. 

Also, when you see someone who loves you wholeheartedly, never try to leave him. Just as illustrated in the image below, if your man is someone who cares for you up till the point of shielding you with an umbrella when the rain falls, then, you shouldn't break the rule of leaving him.

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Love exists between two partners who share lots of ideas together. When both you and your man share ideas together, spend time together, laugh together, and even have dinners together, then you shouldn't break the rule of leaving him. 

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