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Why you are being ignored in a social gathering.

Sometimes in the society or in a social gathering, people might be finding it hard to start a conversation with you which might later leave you lonely in the midst of people. There is no need for worries because there are some few step to get people talking to you in a social gathering such as school, church, marketplace or even in the midst of your friends.

Reasons why people might be Ignoring you

1. You are quiet or don't know what to say.

2. Trying too hard to make friends or coming off as needy.

3. Waiting for people to acknowledge or talk to you first.

4. Being bothersome or an odd ball by breaking rapport (friendly relationships).

5.being negative or having low energy i.e not smiling, not being appreciative, being quiet or not responding to others, being cynical, arguing with someone who says something positive e.t.c

6. Being tense or coming off as weird.

7. Talking too much or only asking questions.

How to stop being ignored in a social gathering.

1. Work on your conversation skills and stop bragging, also dare to smile at others and ask friendly questions.

2. Bring yourself down to the way they behave i.e act cool to a cool person.

3. Be in the same energy level with your friend and relax your face and learn how to greet your friends with a smile.

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