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Husband and wife relationship

2 Conditions Where You Need To Be There For Your Wife To Make Her Feel Loved

As some people would always say, love is a verb and not a noun. In other words, it goes beyond just the name; it is more of an action. As a man, saying you love your wife is not the major thing but acting it out through actions is what truly defines how much you love your wife.

For instance, when you ask some married ladies if their husbands love them or not, some will confidently boast of the degree of how much love their partners have for them, because they have proven it beyond reasonable doubts. On the other hand, some married ladies cannot brag of how much love their partners have for them because they have not felt it from their husband's actions. As a matter of fact, it is not every married lady that would want to marry their husbands again if they can turn back the hands of time due to lack of love related actions that they receive from their spouses. Similarly, other ladies would want to marry their husbands over and over again if they are given a chance to choose another husband.

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It is true that giving money and what money can buy to a lady can make her feel loved but there are 2 conditions she would experience which will require more than financial and material assistance to prove your love for her. As a married lady, you can't confidently boast of how much your husband loves you until you find yourselves in these 2 conditions;

1. When you are heavily pregnant. At this stage, a man that truly loves you and care about your well being will always be there for you to give you all the emotional and domestic support that you need. He will assist you with house chores, go to the market, help you in the kitchen, massage your legs, stay by you whenever he is at home and not doing any official work, because he would not want you or the unborn child to experience any form of health complications. If your husband allows you to go through that phase alone without him giving you all the necessary support, he may not love you as much as he has made you to believe. Remember that love is kind, caring and selfless. If his schedules are not too tight, he can even volunteer to follow you to the hospital/maternity in your antenatal visits.

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2. When you are in labour pain in the labour room.

This is another challenging condition for you to know how much your Husband truly loves you. Any man that loves his wife will be around where the wife is rushed to during labour pain until she has delivered the child. No man that loves his wife can choose to be anywhere else at that critical condition rather than where the wife is taken to for delivery. in fact, after the doctors and or nurse attending to you, your hubby should be one of those that will see the new born baby first. The only exception is when he is not in town as at when the labour pain started.

In addition to the aforementioned, your husband will also be there for you when you have been discharged from the hospital, if he truly loves you. He can assist you with the baby those times you will experience almost sleepless nights in the first few months after delivery.

If you have a husband who is physically and emotionally available during those 2 phases of your life, don't joke with him, because he loves you so much.

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