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Ladies, The Man Approaching You, Does He Have These Three Things, If Not, Walk Away.

The way ladies get themselves entrapped in a relationship they should have avoided at first is so alarming and disheartening, that's the reason you see, so many ladies with swollen faces here and there, why? They failed to consider some major factors before telling a man yes, don't ever rush into a relationship if you do, the way you rush in you're still coming to rush out, you as a lady carefully study the man who's approaching you before you say yes, even if he's a pretender time will tell, give him time and then you begin to see the kind of person he is. If a man that is approaching you does not have these three things I'm going to mention please walk away and tell him you're not interested.

1. Character: There are bad character and good character, let's be realistic to ourselves and don't play games with your destiny, if he's not a man of good character you will know, don't say I'm going to change him, walk Away if he doesn't have a good character. A man that comes to your house and insults your family, rubbish them and you still want to marry him.

2. Humility: His he humble, if not walk away, some men are proud that even if they meet with your parent they won't greet, you need a man that can respect you and your family regardless of of his status.

3. Caring: Can he care for you, if not walk away, a man has to care for the one he loves and be very mindful, the care am talking about is not just buying you ice-cream and shawama, some ladies feel a man cares for them when he buys them clothes and food, that's why we find so many deceivers out there, if you're sick can you call him and then he takes permission from his office to come look after you, that is care.

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