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Husband and wife relationship

How to be a good husband for a happy and healthy marriage

A good husband makes his wife happy. Since there is enough happiness in such a family, such marriage is blessed. Happiness will remain in that family till eternity provided he does not deviate from being a good husband to being a bad one. This brings us to the simple question, what type of husband are?

As simple as this question may seem, some men cannot give an answer to it. It is not surprising though, but it is not a good thing if you don't know the type of husband you are to your wife. Are you the type of husband that beats his wife? Or the type that starves and punishes his wife regularly? If yes, you have to stop it because your family or marriage is obviously unhealthy. If you are stingy to your wife, or to your family at large, and even to yourself, you are not doing well. Below are ways to help you become a good husband to your wife for the sake of your marriage.

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1. Be your wife's best friend.

Generally, a best friend is someone who can do anything for his or her friend. Best friends don't betray, they sacrifice and defend their friends. Are you that type of friend to your wife? If you are not that type of friend to your wife, it is not too late as you have the opportunity to make things right. Please change now for good.

Make your wife your highest treasure you will ever value in life. Respect her and make her confide in you.

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2. Protect your wife against all odds.

A good husband is protective of his wife. He doesn't go with what people say about him and his wife. It is his duty to make sure that his wife is happy and secured.

A man who's wife feels insecure around him is not doing well at all. Your wife need to have confidence in you. You should be able to defend and protect her against all odds.

3. Take care of yourself.

Before you met your wife, you were taking good care of yourself, maybe so that she will like you. Let that be your tradition. Allow it to continue. Don't stop taking care of yourself because you are now married. You won't know how bad your wife feels when you don't take care of yourself unless she tells you. It is very bad.

Appear neat always just like the way you used to before getting married to her. Don't lose your neatness and cuteness because you are now too busy. You were busy when you were asking her out, yet you were taking care of yourself. Why did you stop? Please don't give up on your look. Your wife still need to be impressed by your look.

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4. Support your wife and show her love.

A good husband doesn't joke over his wife's dream. He supports her dreams and also show her that he loves her. Be that husband to your wife and you will get more than that in return.

5. Accept your wife's imperfections.

You are not perfect, of course you are aware of that, so also is your wife. Don't expect your wife to do everything perfectly. She has faults, just like you do. A good husband doesn't always look out for the faults in his wife. He considers more about her good sides. Such a husband is what your wife needs.

6. Be romantic.

A romantic husband usually make a good husband. He makes his wife happy because he has a sense of humor. In other words, he is humorous.

Most husbands with great sense of humor are romantic. Your wife will enjoy you most if you are romantic.

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7. Take care of your wife by meeting all her needs.

Your wife's needs should be taken care of. You can be a good husband by making sure that all your wife's needs are met. Don't be a stingy husband. Your wife doesn't want such a husband. Be a selfless husband who is always ready to give to his wife. Your wife should be your number one priority.

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All these will present you as a good husband to your wife. Of course, your marriage will be a healthy and happy one.

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