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Before you go about Saying "I am a Feminist", Here's what you should Know about Feminism. (Opinion)

Feminism is one word that I strongly believe that Nigerians have not fully grapsed the true meaning. Rather, they have twisted and turned it to mean different things to them or to use the term to defend some of their not so good actions.

So what is the dictionary definition of this Concept "Feminism"?

It is simply a theory that advocates that women should be given equal rights and opportunities as their male counterparts.

Now Anyone who acts or does things in a bid to promote the provision of equal right and opportunities for women is who should be called a feminist.

I think a clear understanding of the difference between gender and sex will help explain when I say Feminism is all about the equality of both genders not so much about equality of sexes.

Now Sex is Biological while gender is based on cultural belief and societal values.

Here are a few things you should know about the concept "Feminism".

1. Feminism is not a Man Hating Concept.

Most Nigerians think to be a feminist you have to hate the make gender or go around shouting "Men are Scum". But this is not what is about. Feminism is only a cry that Men and Women be treated similarly in political and work spaces

2. Feminism is not an agenda against Marriage.

Fighting for equal opportunities should not mean you should not find love or find a suitable partner to spend your life with. Some Notable Feminists are Married.

3. Feminism doesn't mean Women are stronger than men.

God gave both sexes unequal strengths and a woman whether a feminist or not should know when to ask for help rather than do unusual tasks to prove a point.

4. Feminism is about Women supporting Women

Feminism is all about women seeing the potential of their fellow women and assisting them to reach their goals.

5. Feminism is all about Promoting Independence of a lady.

Feminists hope to achieve a world order where women can advance economically and socially without having to depend on men. It promotes that women should work hard and fend for themselves but it doesn't support disregard for your significant other's opinion too.

Here's one interesting fact you should know.

Feminism started as a church movement to allow women to initiate divorce and own landed properties.

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