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Top 10 Exquisite Wallpaper Collection To Match Your Mood

My personal observation is that when you are in a certain mood sometimes, you get depressed or vibrant while staring at your phone wallpaper.

I change my wallpaper regularly to match my mood for that day or that week.

Sometimes you need colorful wallpaper to give you that vibrant feel. Or maybe just to normalize your mood of the day.

Here are my Top 10 collection for this month


This wallpaper gives me that ginger to face my day and its troubles.


At times I want to play anonymous. This is my pick for that mood.

Dr Strange

When ever I use this wallpaper, I feel relaxed because I gat the time stone.

Princess Jasmine

Look at the picture, you already know why I use it.


This used to be my favorite just before dr. Strange stole my heart.

Black Panther

Just feel the lively vibe those green grass gives. This should be everyone's favorite

Hulk & Spider man

Don't mess with me else I smash you like hulk. Before that, I'll use spider web to shut you up first.

Dr Strange

I can go anywhere I want to go. All I need is just open a portal.

Hulk & Popeye's

If you know popeye, then you should know hulk actually stands no chance.

Kenpachi Zaraki

Well I'm an Anime lover, and Kenpachi is one of my favorite character. The guy is terror.

I hope you love these collection.

Please like and share.

God bless you

Content created and supplied by: Kas-6th (via Opera News )

Batman Dr Strange Jasmine Popeye Strange


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