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Some Interesting Facts About 'Birthdays' That You May Not Know About

Birthdays are special days in a person's life that are celebrated once a year. It is a special day because the person gets to witness another year surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones.

 Everyone in the world celebrates their birthdays, but not everyone knows what happens during this period. That's why in this article, I'll be sharing with you ten weird facts about birthdays.

1. In the US, birthdays card are popular because out of all the greeting cards, birthday cards are sold the most.

2. No matter how over the top your birthday celebration is, you can not compete with the Sultan of Brunei. Who during his 50th birthday, spent over 27.2 million dollars to celebrate.

3. A renowned writer - William Shakespeare. Died on April 23rd, 1564. The day he was also supposed to be 52 years.

4. Do you know that there's a birthday celebration called 'Golden Birthday'?

When do we celebrate a golden birthday? A person celebrates his/her golden birthday when his date of birth and his new age has the same number. For instance: if you were born on the 23rd of any month and you will clock twenty- three on that day, then you're celebrating your golden birthday.

 During the one-year space of you celebrating your birthday, and till the next time you celebrate your birthday, these six weird things will happen.

5. Before your next birthday, the whole world would have experienced a population growth of about 76,570,430 newborn babies.

6. Your heart will have pumped 2,686,000 liters of blood.

7. You will have to breathe about 10,512,000 breaths

8. Your heart will also beat about 42,075,900 times. 

9. Before your next birthday, the entire world would have experienced at least 50,000 earthquakes. And lastly,

10. Your nails and hair would grow by nearly four and twelve centimeters in length.

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