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Watch touching video of a kid without legs fixing his artificial legs

A video of a little boy who lost his limbs has melt lot of hearts as it goes viral online. The little kid who is a black American only has from his waist and above to live with, with his legs being replaced with an artificial robber legs.

The little boy who seem to be getting ready to go for fitness or gaming was seen fixing his artificial legs to his body. Since the lower limb has two region, the thighs and the leg. He has to fix the artificial thighs before fixing the leg in a junction which acts like the ball and socket joint.

He wore a white snicker on and was having a little chat with his mom while fixing. Many has felt sad for the young and smart boy left in such condition.

What cause the boy to loss his both legs is still unknown with most people suggesting it would be an accident, while others thinks he might be given birth to that way.

Watch video HERE and say a word of prayer for the young lad

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