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Divorce Affair

How Divorced Couple May Keep Friendship.

Being legally separated from a man or a woman you think will stay with you forever is such a painful experience. At first, it may feel like everything is okay, maybe because of the anger or the level of unpleasant experiences you have had. But then, after you have gone your different ways, you may start feeling the absence of your ex-partner and your kids may not let you have rest.

At this point, you may start wondering whether your ex feels the same way and whether he/she will be will to come close or even talk to you again. The best way to go about this is to take a step to find out. You may not go directly to ask him/her. But you can follow the below-suggested ways to become friends with him/her, and if it suits the two of you, you can remarry to each other again.

1. Work on the areas your spouse pointed out to you. The first step you will have to take is to work on those areas your ex pointed out as the reason why he/she left. It will not be wise for you to hold into the same ways of life and be expecting him/her to become friends with you. So if you want to get closer to your ex is, then it will be important that you improve on those areas.

2. Attends your children's party/celebration together. You and your ex may have been separated but you are still connected through your children so use this medium to get close to him/her. Try to know the day your child will be graduating from his/her school, the day of his/her school's party, and visit the child. It will be good to think that your ex will be there too. Show enough support for your child and watch your ex's reactions. You can talk to a photographer to help you suggest to your ex to join the picture when you want to snap with your child. This way, your ex will not suspect you are behind it. If he/she agreed to join in the picture, then chances are there that he/she still has hope and may have been feeling the same way you feel.

3. Wish each other well on your special occasion. Wait till that special day maybe his/her birthday and send an SMS to him/her. If you got a reply from your ex, then it is a good platform to stand on. Send text messages again about a week, asking how he/she is doing. If you get a reply then you are making positive progress.

4. Call your ex on phone. Since you keep on getting a reply from the text you sent, calling him/her on phone won't be a bad idea. While calling, you should be prepared to receive any word you will hear. It may be positive or otherwise. The initial calls may not be that pleasant but you may not have to give up. You may think of your children who were caught up in the separation. So make it a habit to pass text across and make calls, if he/she feels the same way, you should get results and begin to see improvement in the way you communicate with each other.

5. Fix a date to meet. Go out to meet him/her in a place you have agreed to meet but make sure it is a public place. If things go well, you can kick start your relationship in form of friendship. When he/she sees that you have really changed, he/she may start giving you green light and from there, your relationship with your ex can have a new shape and a fresh beginning.

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