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Dating Romantic

Possible ways to tell if a guy you are dating truly loves you.

Dating is always a nice arrangement to meet someone who you are having a romantic relationship with.It is a blessing for a lady to get dated by a guy but it might seems difficult for a lady to tell if the guy she is dating truly loves her.

As a lady,this article would be discussing some of the possible ways you can tell if a guy you are dating truly loves you.

He is always calling or testing you first.

A guy who doesn't wait for you to call him first before he communicates with you on the phone truly loves you because he is everytime willing to hear your voice or read your replies to the test messages/chats he sent to you.

He is always flowing with his conversation with you.

A guy who truly loves you is always ready to keep his conversation with you going, either texting, chatting or talking,he is always wishing for the conversation between you and him to last long which he makes possible by coming up with questions or ideas that would make both of you to keep chatting.

He is tries to ask you questions about yourself.

A guy who has a loving affection for you is always wanting you to explain about your past because he is willing and interested to know you deeply.

He always comes up with amazing compliments.

Making good compliment about your appearance, speeches, how he loves to be with you, what he thinks about you etc can be nice words you should respect from a guy who truly loves you.

Always willing to pay attention to you even in public gatherings.

Even if you and your guy are in a noisy place or gathering,he would never neglect you and he is always ready to listen to what you are saying in all possible means.

He tries to add and follow you on social media.

Either on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook,a loving guy would love to stay connected with you on those social media pages.

He introduces you to his friends.

A guy who loves you is always willing to introduce you as his girlfriend to all his friends because he is also wants his them to like you.

He tells his family about you.

A guy who loves you is never reluctant to tell his family about his relationship with you because he is ready to take you as a serious partner who would turn out to be his wife.

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