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5 Wrong Practices People Should Avoid in Their Marriage or Romantic Relationship.

Most marriages and romantic relationships today have lost their sweetness and enthusiasm because of certain practices that were introduced at some point in the relationship by either or both partners. According to research, it has been revealed that there are practices when exhibited in a romantic relationship; have the tendencies of causing an emotional and mutual hazard on the part of either partner. 

Regarding this article, we shall be discussing 5 common ill practices couples should avoid in their marriage due to the emotional and psychological detriments attached. See them below.

1. Belittling your partner, most especially before others.

The idea of downcasting or giving negative reviews about one’s partner either before them or others is one practice that can be harmful to the emotional wellbeing of the individual. Speaking ill and using derogatory words on your partner will in no doubt lead them to depression, and it might also stir up a negative behaviour and unfavourable reaction. 

2. Having a perfectionist mentality.

Having a perfectionist mindset and mounting unnecessary pressure on your partner to be flawless in all her dealings is one attitude that can lead to strife and frustration. The attitude of cajoling your partner to do according to your dictate and giving no room for dialogue or personal opinion might lead to frustration on the part of the other partner which can give rise to a feeling of neglect and lack of continuity. 

3. Dishonesty.

Of course, nobody likes to be associated with a person that cannot be trusted or vouched for. Living a dishonest life that is full of lies, deceit and uncertainty is one bad trait that can be harmful to one’s romantic relationship or marriage. As an individual, you should live a life worthy of trust, respect and dignity, because those are the key factors that can significantly improve the state of your relationship. 

4. Playing the jealous game.

Try as much as possible to avoid playing the jealous game either as a man or woman. The idea behind this practice is centred on playing unhealthy pranks or involving in romantic activities with the opposite gender just to stir up a feeling of jealousy in one's spouse. Playing such games can easily cause heartbreak and depression in one’s partner, and can equally amount to a lack of interest in the relationship. 

5. Unhealthy comparison.

Telling your partner how unattractive he or she is, or revealing how poor and unsuccessful they are over their friends is one practice that can greatly sabotage the love in your relationship. This sort of comparison can inculcate a feeling of jealousy, hatred and low motivation in your partner, and can in most cases; amount to depression and heartbreak. 

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