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11 signs that shows you are more attractive than you think

1. Smile:

people smile when they see you. If you notice that strangers greet you with a friendly smile, it might just prove that you're beautiful. Smiling is a natural reaction to something visually appealing.

2. Stare:

you'll notice strangers stare at you. When people steal looks at you when you're out and about, it's most likely because they find you appealing. If this occurs frequently, you may be more beautiful than you realize.

3. Talk: If you realize that others enjoy conversing with you, you're incredibly appealing. Strangers will look for an excuse to strike up a conversation with you if you're attractive. To gain your attention, they'll say anything.

4. Double take: if you're gorgeous, people will stare at you and then turn back to catch another glimpse of you after you've passed them. It simply means you're appealing to the eye, or in other terms, you're attractive.

5. Lips: if you're very attractive, you'll notice strangers or even friends of the opposite gender licking or biting their lips while conversing with you. For most males, it's a reflex action.

6. Attitude: If you're attractive, you'll notice that individuals around you act differently. They may become jittery and anxious around you. When you converse with them, they may get sloppy or confused. This is because most individuals find attractive people intimidating. They may become mute or drool.

7. Help: if you are very beautiful, you'll notice that people including strangers will go out of their way to help you. This is an illegitimate advantage. You're incredibly attractive if you notice others jumping at the chance to assist you in solving your troubles.

8. Compliments: People rarely compliment you when you are attractive. This is because most people believe you are aware of your attractiveness. As a result, they don't think they need to remind you. Some may believe you've had enough of the spotlight. If they compliment you, it could be casual and light. This could be due to the fact that you are stunning all of the time, thus it comes as no surprise to them. They might only congratulate you if you change your hairstyle or put on a new outfit.

9. Insecurities: When you talk about your insecurities, folks are astonished because they think you're too good to have them. They don't see the need for your concern. They are completely oblivious to the flaws you see in the mirror.

When you're attractive, people are more likely to have strong thoughts about you, whether favorable or negative. People around you may be overly cordial or aggressive for no apparent reason. This is due to the fact that while some people find you appealing, others find you threatening. Jealousy will arise if your attractiveness is intimidating, resulting in hatred.

11. Obsession: You've probably experienced times when someone has been obsessed with you. It may be a stranger who follows you around at an event or a friend who texts you despite your repeated attempts to ignore them. This is yet more evidence that people find you physically appealing.

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