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4 Easy Ways To Know If A Girl Loves You Without Even Saying It

When a girl is attracted to you and wants a relationship with you, she will start giving you signs that show she loves you. Her body language will reveal that she loves you, but doesn't know how to tell you. There are a lot of reasons why girls reserve themselves from making the first move. They don't want to appear cheap or taken for granted. Well if a girl starts showing you these signs she wants to be your girlfriend.

1. When she opens the door to her relationship past. She will tell you about her past relationships, and how her ex-boyfriend hurt her. By opening up her vulnerabilities, and showing you her past, she believes that you won’t act like the way her ex-boyfriend did. it is a very good indicator she wants a real relationship with you.

2. She is romantic when you two are alone. The girl will be sweeter, and cuter with you just to make the time with you memorable. When you are having a conversation with her, she will look straight into your eyes, and brush your leg multiple times. She wants you to get the hint that she is interested in you.

3. When you are featured on her socials. When she starts posting a photo of you two together on her social accounts is her way of showing others that you are taken. Girls don’t just post photos of guys on social media unless everyone knows they are just a friend. The girl wants everyone to see that the two of you are together.

4. The girl calls you at late hours. If a girl doesn't have interest in you she won't sacrifice her sleeping hours talking to you at midnight. It is only a girl who loves you that will call you at late hours to wish you "Goodnight" before she sleeps.

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