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Opinion: Relationship Of Love Is Built On Many Little Acts Of Kindness

So many people wonder how this love of a thing is built?. How do I make someone love me genuinely?. Let me tell you the truth, YOU CANNOT make someone love you genuinely, they can only choose to love you genuinely when they feel you deserve it.

Forget the bad guys get the good girls sayings. True and pure love is built on little acts of kindness which later generate to Relationship of love. 

You should also know that Relationships could take a different kind of form. It solemnly depends on what your motives are with the relationship. Is it lust? Then that is a relationship of lust. Is it Benefits? Then that's a relationship of benefits. If it's love, then you can comfortably call it a relationship of love. 

This type of relationship is not forced. They come calmly and flows well by doing some actions which make it grow. 

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