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Husband and wife relationship

5 Ways To Make a Woman Happy In Marriage.

So many married men both old and young don't know how to keep a woman happy after marriage, it is important for a man to make a woman happy not only when they are courting but even after they have married.

A happy marriage is a result of how the man treat his wife, a man that treat his wife well will always make her happy, so it is advisable for all men that want a rift and divorce free marriage to practice this five ways.

1. Buy your woman gift once in a while, a man that buy his wife gift will not only see her happy but also see her love and potentials, as she will always know that her husband really love her and he his also ready to extend his love beyond measure, even after they have married.

2. A man that really want to do the responsibility of a good husband material should also know how to take her woman out on holidays and vacations, when there is holiday or during the weekend, this will make his wife happy to have a nice moment with her husband.

3. Care and attention is inevitable to show a woman in marriage as this will give her a rest of mind that she really has someone that is not just her husband but her friend, giving her care and attention will make her happy and also get her to confide in you as a good husband.

4. Helping her to perform some duties will also make her happy, seeing her husband doing some duties for her especially when she is pregnant or sick will make her happy and believe that she has not just a partner but also an helper which can help her even when she is have situations and difficulties that is far more serious.

5. Learn to say I love you to your woman at least once in a day, not just say it but also learn how to show it by your actions because actions speak louder than voice they say, saying and doing things that really show you love her we make her so much happy and believe she have a successful marriage.

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