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Dear Ladies, No Matter How Much You Love A Man, Don't Be Too Quick To Tell Him These 3 Things

Ladies find it difficult to hide their emotions when they are truly in love with a guy. Since ladies are emotional beings, their emotion is the primary factor that guides their words and actions when they have their heart on a guy they are in a relationship with.

    If they are not guided in their emotions, it could lead them into hurrying to tell the guy things that ought not to be said or brought to his knowledge, aswell could also make her emotions vulnerable. As a lady, not everything ought to be said in a hurry to a guy you are in love with. This will keep you free from emotional blackmail if the relationship fails or gets sour along the line.

    Dear ladies, no matter how much you love a man, don't be too quick to tell him these 3 things.

    Number one on the list is telling a guy that you can't live without him. Guys do not work with emotions. Men are generally logical beings and act based on what they see, not necessarily what they hear. It is not the extent of how much you confess your emotions to a man that will make him requite same love for you. Always be cautious of what you say to him no matter how much you love him. Until you are convinced of his love for you or he has put a ring on your finger, just take one step at a time and let him do the chasing while you flow along his pace. Never be the one doing the chasing.

    Secondly, never tell a guy that you want to be pregnant for him when he isn't yet married to you. This could only push him to use the "hit and run" idea on you since you've ended up reducing your worth and standard. Be patient enough to wait for a guy's marriage proposal and the proper marriage before you can start discussing making babies with him. This mistake ladies make have led many into single Parenthood.

    Finally, never be quick to introduce marriage discussion to a man you just started a relationship with. This will only make the man see you as a desperate chick or someone that wants to take advantage of him for the sake of marriage. Men do not value women that are desperate for marriage. As a lady that has an esteemed value for herself, build love in your relationship and let the man see the prospects you've got as a wife material and propose marriage to you.

    Dear ladies, be careful about what you say to a man inorder to save your respect as a woman and avoid being at risk of losing the relationship. Men know who they want and what they want in a woman. No matter how much you express your emotions for him, the lady his heart wants is who he will finally settle down with.

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