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See Some Survival skills you need to know (view)

Good day everyone ,Please read carefully

A lot of times Many of Us think knowing survival tactics or skill is not useful or not real but it is very real and Good to know .On this article we will be explaining on the best Survival skills you need to know .

1.Fire:This is the king among all surviving skills because you must be able to light fire in any situation you might be especially in a desert's .

2.Shelter :This is also very important when following survival skills ,Cloth is very important and where to stay .

3.Signal:You must be Good at sending signal's either with a shout or noise because it will help in surviving.

4.Food and water:These place is very important to stay more alive ,We need to get food and water for daily survival .

5.First Aid :This one too is very important in case one is injured ,He could treat himself with some first Aid treatment .

Thanks for reading ,Don't forget to share with friends and love one's .

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