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Never Reveal These 6 Secrets About Your Personal Life To Anybody

The tongue is one of the human body 's smallest organs which can set the whole body on fire. Don't think anyone around you today is your friends. You can't easily differentiate your mates from your enemy when things go well for you, so you have to monitor what you're saying to them. Have you ever had a conversation, and come afterwards to regret it? Well that's the essence of this article. No matter how close you are to someone, there are some deep secrets they shouldn't be aware of including your best friends about you. A poet once said "look into the mirror, the person you see in that mirror is your best friend," so some secrets are to be kept between you and yourself. Yet, if you're unable to control your tongue, silence is one of the easiest ways to escape this trap. Also, no matter how close you might be, never reveal those secrets about your personal life.

1. GOALS TO THE FUTURE It sits at the top of the list as a man on a visionless quest would surely end up in devastation. No matter how excited you are about your dreams and goals for the future, never discuss them with others. If you do so, psychology suggests you trick your brain into believing that you've already accomplished the goal and you'll be unable to follow it. You will always feel inspired to follow them when you hold your goals to yourself. Work hard in silence, and let the noise be made by success. 

2. YOUR INCOME Your financial life is something you should keep yourself private. Your money or revenue source is not something to mention while in the media. Just a few sets of people like your spouse or next of kin will have your financial info. By keeping your financial life private you will be protecting yourself from a lot of hurt. 

3. PAST RESENTMENT Practice they claim is the strongest teacher but I'm telling you it's the worst teacher as it gives you the check before the lesson is introduced. Never make the mistake of sharing any of your bad experiences with others, no matter what the case. Many people have a lot of uncomfortable encounters like abduction, molestation, abuse and a lot of hurtful history that no one would want to explore. Sharing this with others will still bring those painful memories back and those you trust can also use it later on against you.

4. YOUR SEX LIFE EXPERIENCE Sharing this level of privacy between you and your family and anyone else is an act of deceit. No matter how much you run out of what to say during conversation, never share this experience with anyone, it's just between you and your partner. 

5. GOOD DEEDS The popular "pride goes before a fall" you might have heard and this is quite real. You should not be the one to applaud yourself in front of others when you believe you've done well enough. The reward of what you do in secret still returns to you in secret. Don't always make the mistake of bragging about others about yourself. It doesn't bring anything. You will wonder that many philanthropists should still value their privacy in contrast with public recognition, but the reality is that this idea is easily understood. 

6. FAMILY PROBLEM Don't trust your little family secrets with people, because they can come back later to hurt you. Family problems may be discussed with a family member or partner, but it is not possible to do so beyond that.

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