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3 Things That Would Make Your Husband Chase After Young Girls

Men in general are said to be moved by what they see. This is mostly common among the married men, they tend to lose some sort of attraction towards their wife after she gives birth to two or more children or she put in much weight making her look fat and obesed. As a result of this men tend to look outside their matrimonial home which brings about infidelity in the marriage.

Most at times men are fond of indulging in this very act. Have you ever asked yourself why men cheat on their wives with a girl who is less prettier and well packaged than their wives. They give excuses that their wives no longer dress well as she used to before she got married.

Apart from tying wrapper there are other reasons why men find their wives less attractive.

1. Poor Dressing

Most women don't know how to dress themselves both on outings and when in the bedroom. Men love women with nice dress sense, they also like women who knows how to blend colours and also wear the right outfit for the right occasion. Take for instance, a woman tying an old wrapper in the bedroom looks less attractive to the man instead you can put on a nightie and look more attractive to your husband.

2. Not eating the right food (Poor Diet)

Woman are expected to eat the right food and also eat a balance diet inother for them to look healthy. Take for instance, a woman is not expected to eat strong food at night like fufu as it tends to store fat and accumulate them in the body especially the stomach region.

3. Lack of Exercise

As a woman and wife your meant to always exercise regularly and keep fit. Who is that person that told you that after giving birth to about 2 or more children you cannot still look s*xy. When you do this regularly your tummy flattens and you would look much younger and healthier.

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