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6 Ways to become totally irresistible to your lover

Everyone dreads become an old piece of bread, crumpled and fit for the trash. No one wants to lose the love of their spouse or partners. In the few steps below, I'd show you how to become totally irresistible to your spouse whether you're male or female.

1. Love Yourself

The first thing you must learn is how to love yourself and know your worth regardless of anyone's disposition to you. If you don't learn to love yourself, you'd constantly seek affirmations from your lover and feel crushed whenever you don't get that attention.

2. Be Yourself

Don't try to flatten your personality or become another person just to please your lover. You should learn to just be yourself and let your spouse love you for who you are.

3. Learn new things

Don't be the same yesterday, today and forever. Try out new hairstyles, fashion styles, relationship stunts and so on. Don't make it get Boeing for your spouse else they'd look outside.

4. Give Yourself

Don't hold yourself back a lot in your relationship. Open up and give yourself totally to your spouse. Let them know they have you and can count on your person.

5. Be romantic

If you're not married yet, this does not connote intimacy, rather this means that you should make your spouse feel especially loved by you. Everyone wants a Barbie tale in their relationship.

6. Keep growing

Don't stay on one spot. Become the kind of person that no matter when you meet, you realise something new about them. Go for knowledge. Keep bettering yourself per time. You are making yourself completely irresistible to your partner.

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Love Yourself


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