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Divorce Affair

5 Statements That Have Led To The End Of Many Relationships

There is ultimate power in the tongue and we need to watch what we say to our fellow partner. Words, phrases and sentences have ended many relationships in an unfortunate manner. Many people are yet to recover from a particular statement that was said to them sometimes ago. However, Here are 5 statements that has ended many relationships

1. “If you feel that way, maybe we should get a divorce.”

This could mean that you are together for a particular reason or just for time bidding. Possibly you are together for the kids, job or money. Words like these are often used in the heat of an argument, and the person saying it usually doesn’t actually want a divorce. More often, they are trying to express frustration over their inability to resolve a particular conflict. But having an unresolved conflict (or two or three) doesn’t make you incompatible.

2. "I hate you"

This simply means that 'I don't love you anymore' and could signal an end to the relationship. Despite the fact that it might be said out of anger or disappointment it has ended many relationship especially when the other person takes it personal. Except you are joking, avoid using that statement.

3. “Only a man/woman would think that!”

Otherwise known as: “Stick to woman’s business,” or, “This is a man’s job”. Conflicts can arise from differences in how we think. Other times, an issue that has been simmering for a long time finally comes to a head. Or one of us has had a particularly difficult day that has nothing to do with the other, but we take it out on the other. Empathy enables us to see past emotional outbursts and work together to solve problems or provide reassurance.

4. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

We all need a vacation from an argument now and then to de-stress. However, when we refuse to face a problem in our marriage, it leads to resentment and hatred. Bad sensations and thoughts can linger for a long time inside. The longer we let these beliefs run their course, the more they get ingrained in our subconscious perceptions of one another. This will have an impact on all of our future interactions.

Instead, a better way to approach it is this: "I’m not ready to talk about this right now. Let me take some time to cool off and think about it, then we’ll talk."

5. "You are just like your mum/dad"

Apart from the fact that this can end your relationship immediately, it can be very painful too. Everyone wants to be better and greater than their parents but when this statement is used to denote something negative, then there is problem. However, it’s much better to address the actual problem, rather than using some vague hint or insult.

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