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6 Ways You Can Earn Respect From Your Partner or Girlfriend

One of the most difficult things to buy in this life is respect. Respect is something we earn and not something we buy. You can buy a woman's respect today and ruin everything the next day with your dirty attitude/character. In this article, I would be revealing to you some of the things we can do to win our woman's respect. Here are some of them:

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1. Never ask to be respected: Respect cannot be earned through force, bullying or intimidation. Even when you force her to respect you, it would not be from her heart. Such respect does not last and you on the other hand would not enjoy it. Stop asking for respect, let your attitude and character do the request. 

2. Humble yourself and be a servant-leader at home: The moment you humble yourself and demonstrate humility in your home, it would definitely command a respect that is rooted in love and appreciation. As the leader of the home, your woman would respect you if you realise that being a leader is about serving others. 

3. Treat your lady with respect: Always remember that whatever we sow in this life is what we would surely reap. If you sow a seed of respect in your wife, you would definitely reap it back in a thousand folds. Learn to treat your woman with the kind of respect you would want from her. 

4. Always fulfil any promise you make: A man whose words means nothing cannot be respected. You should be a kind of man that your woman respects your words. Try as much as possible to follow through with all the promises you made to her. 

5. Always put her and others first in everything you do. 

6. Volunteer in the community you find yourself in: Your woman would tend to respect you when you make good impacts in your community. The more people talk good about you, the more her ego grows. 

If you have learnt from this article, I would like you to share it with others. 

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