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6 Things You Can do to Sustain Your Boyfriend’s or Husband’s Attention.

In a world where there are diverse factors and innovations like social media, technological gadgets, quest for wealth and fortune and others, it becomes difficult to sustain the attention of anyone for a long time. 

Research has shown that most romantic relationships or marriages today, are in a state of chaos because of the singular factor of inattentiveness to the emotional and psychological needs of one’s partner. 

As an individual, most especially a woman who finds it difficult to draw the attention of her partner in midst of this 21st century distracting factors, here are a few suggestive and authenticated measures you can try to win the attention of your man to a significant extent. See them below.  

1. Pamper him and show concern for his wellbeing.

Studies have shown that men are naturally and instinctively responsive to care, most especially when it is coming from a lady they admire. Cuddling, pampering and equally being attentive to your man’s emotional and psychological needs as a lady will deliberately prompt his attention to replicate the same gesture towards you. Calling your man regularly, texting him with romantic messages, preparing his favourite meals when necessary are all combinational factors that will positively trigger his attention towards you in the right direction. 

2. Compliment him always. 

Who doesn’t want to be complimented? Research has shown that every individual, even children tend to show excitement when given positive reviews. Throwing accolades at your man for his sacrifices and contributions to the relationship and equally complimenting his physical appearance and fashion sense will help balance his attention and focus towards you as revealed by most relationship experts.  

3. Play romantic games with him. 

The rationale behind playing romantic games with your partner as a woman is to help stimulate a relaxing and enthusiastic atmosphere with him. Engaging in diverse bedroom games like hide and seek, pillow fight, truth or dare and other games that are in his line of interest will help straighten his attention towards you and it will help improve the level of commitment and intimacy in your relationship as well. 

4. Do not deny him quality intercourse or intimacy.

Research has shown that couples who are more inclined to a regular act of intimacy and intercourse are prone to having a more qualitative and enjoyable relationship than couples who don’t. As a woman, most especially the married one; it is important not to deny your man an act of intimacy most especially when he needs it, except on the ground of ill health or fatigue.  

5. Develop a healthy concept and attitude about him. 

Apart from regular intimacy and engaging in romantic activities with your man, you can furtherly strengthen your relationship by speaking nicely about him before your friends and his, and equally developing a good relating attitude with him. This includes being respectful, committed, obedient and fun-loving whenever you are with him. 

6. Appear neat at all times. 

Practising the aforementioned lifestyles or virtues as you may call them are good, but being untidy and unkempt as a lady will spoil the equation. Research has revealed that men are naturally attracted to women who are neat in their appearance and are also personal about their hygiene. Ladies who adopt this lifestyle can easily draw the attention of their male counterparts than ladies who don’t. 

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