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Common Things People Fear About Marriage And How To Face Them

Marriage is such a strong word simply because it is a whole other level of commitment. It’s acceptable if you would fear this type of commitment, especially since you would be going from “Single and Ready to Mingle” status to “Married and Tied Down Until I’m Buried.” These are ways to face those common commitment fears.

1. The Fear Of Marrying The Wrong Person.

This is definitely on the top of the list as it is a constant fear that would bug people in relationships who are on the way to planning on spending their lives with their significant other. Who wouldn’t be afraid of marrying the wrong person? Who wouldn’t be scared of regretting an experience they will have to live until they die? Well, the only way to face this fear is to accept that there is no perfect person to marry. There is only a person you know whose flaws and assets you are willing to live with for the rest of your life.

2. The Fear Of Losing Themselves When They Get Married.

When you have spent a lot of years building yourself up and working on becoming a better person for your own sake and for the people around you only to end up losing it when you get married is a valid and common fear to have about getting married. To overcome this fear is to know that you actually would not have to change yourself when your partner loves you. We are sure that when your partner has decided to marry you, they have already accepted you for who you are, and there is no need to change.

3. The Fear Of Falling Out Of Love.

Getting cold-feet when you are about to make this commitment is common. “Falling out of love” is a possibility in long-term relationships. However, this fear may be surpassed when you remember that being in love and staying in love is a choice that you will have to make every day. Choosing to love your partner will be up to you. And there are a lot of things that you can do to stay in love with your significant other.

4. The Fear Of Ending Up Like Your Parents.

This fear is usually experienced by individuals who were raised in a bad and unhealthy environment. More often than not, they are those who witnessed a harmful divorce or even near-death type of fights. Having to have experienced that kind of childhood is enough to fear ending up like your parents. The way to conquer this traumatic thought is to remember that you are not your parents. The years that you have spent building yourself is out of your own doing.

5. The Fear Of Going Down An Unknown Path.

Before getting married, you would indeed have thoughts on what your life would be like with your partner. For you to shake out this fear is to remember that you are continuously conquering the unknown. The moment you wake up for a brand new day, you actually wouldn’t know how your day would go for you. And yet you end up being in bed by the end of it. That is just like what your marriage would be like. Keep in mind that your marriage is only a part of facing your everyday unknown.

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