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7 Signs You're Not Letting Love In

We all want to know what the secret ingredient is when it comes to finding the love our souls truly desire. Find out how you might be stopping yourself from finding your sort of love before giving up hope.

1. You are not willing to compromise

When it comes to choosing a spouse, it's not uncommon to encounter a few stumbling blocks. Maybe you don't want to date someone who has a certain political viewpoint or holds certain ideals in a relationship. However, if you're unable to compromise on minor problems, it could mean you're not totally open to receiving love. You should still be allowed to make your own decisions in a good relationship, but being committed may require you to overlook a partner's whistling habit or agree not to have peanut items in the house if they have a severe allergy.

2. You're are scared that things will not work out

Romantic love is often thought to be something that your lover bestows upon you. However, even if they are attempting to love you completely and deeply, if you are always concerned that the relationship may end, you are unlikely to receive that love. "If you're not in a healthy place inside yourself, it's tough to receive romantic love. You'd often reject things that may make you happy because you assumed love would make things worse as if it wouldn't work out. Your relationship may not endure forever, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't accept love while you're together.

3. You expect perfection from your partner.

Perfectionism in the dating search process "may be a sign that you're not totally open to receiving romantic love." If you've been in more than one relationship, you're probably well aware that no one is flawless. If you want to be open to receiving love, you'll have to be okay with little eccentricities that you don't like. Consider what attributes are most important to you in a spouse. This can help you focused on what matters most to you in a relationship and let go of what doesn't.

4. You are not self-sufficient.

Showing your significant other that you are not taking care of yourself is one of the most serious mistakes you can ever make. By doing so, you are putting pressure on your partner to look after you, which may drive them away. Self-care is appealing since it demonstrates to your partner that you care about yourself. Consider this: "Who will love and care for me if I don't?"

5. You despise being in their presence.

When you're in love with someone, you want to be near them all of the time, but if you need more space than usual, this should be a cause for concern. If you stop laughing and don't enjoy being around that person that should raise a red flag." "If you see that spending time with that special someone is no longer pleasurable or even necessary, you should examine your inner feelings."

6. They irritate you more than anything else.

Every partnership has good and bad days, but if you find yourself getting irritated with your partner more frequently even when they've done nothing wrong, the love is fading thin. You should ask yourself if this is genuinely what you want when you become easily annoyed and irritated with the individual and the connection rapidly shifts from hot to cold. This is a symptom of the 'Savior Mentality.'" It's a fight against the possibility that you've outgrown the individual and no longer have anything in common. You may have evolved while others haven't, yet you have a strong desire to see them succeed. This mentality masquerades as love, but you're not in love; you're in hope, and your thinking recognizes that the two of you aren't a good match. As a result, you're easily irritated, disappointed, and angry.

7. You aren't allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

We all want to protect our hearts and keep them safe forever, but by refusing to open up to your spouse, you may be discouraging them from staying in the relationship. It's natural to be afraid of love, especially when we don't know whether or not the other person will reciprocate. However, if you do not put yourself out there, you may lose out on something incredible.

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