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Look At What This Young Man Posted On Facebook That Got People Talking

Good morning lovers!!

As we all know that the country is hard and people are not smiling. Everyday we keep seeing people's drama on Facebook and reactions by other users.

There is nothing you won't see on Facebook. Facebook is full of hilarious people seeking for attention and trying to be famous or go viral be posting things that are sham on social media.

A Facebook user by name Yhung deal has wowed other users by posting a picture of him holding money with a very hilarious caption "I get money wey no fit finish, call your girlfriend come make I flex her”

Obviously this dude doesn't look like he owns this money or probably the money belongs to his boss. Well this is just a hunch

See Peoples Reaction

But I still don't get why someone will be wake up in the morning and the next thing on your mind is to come down to social media and post rubbish just to get people's attentions! That's really ridiculous!! Attention seekers everywhere even as the country is hard and everyone is striving hard to earn livings and some people will be in their room seeking for attention.

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