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6 Qualities You Should Possess As A Christian Man Before You Get Married

It is therefore very important that as a Christian man, you should consciously work on yourself to be that rare man that any godly woman will love to have and keep as her ideal husband. Remember you cannot give what you don't have and you cannot get better at something if you do not work at it. In this article, I shall list out six qualities that a Christian man should possess before getting married.

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Genuine love is like glue that bonds a couple together through thick and thin. This kind of love emanates from God. In Ephesians 5:28 and 33, the scripture admonishes that husband should love their wives. When a man truly loves his wife he would treat her with affection, love, and respect.


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Maturity and advancements in age are two different things. One can be well advanced in age and yet immature. Your level of maturity in marriage is measured by your ability to handle very sensitive issues such as finances, intimacy, in-laws, and information/communication successfully, without unnecessary friction between you and your spouse.


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This is another fundamental quality an ideal husband should possess before getting married. He must be a giver some men are generous to outsiders but tight-fisted at home. People sing their praise outside but their wives and their children suffer and starve at home. This is not generosity, it is hypocrisy. A generous man will promptly respond to his family's needs.


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As the head of the family, the Christian husband can truly demonstrate the foregoing qualities to the help of God. Hence, vibrant spiritual life and playfulness are inevitable. A fervent spiritual life keeps you intimate with God and enables you to obtain basic instructions from God for yourself and your family.


This honesty is one factor that tears families apart without warning. To maintain a peaceful home, you have got to be honest at all times regardless of circumstances. An ideal man is honest, and as such, he hides nothing from his wife. He does not try to fine-tune information before passing it on to his wife.

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loyalty is a crucial component in marriage karma and every ideal husband must possess it. A man that is loyal to his wife will not in any way cheat on her or deny her her conjugal right.

To become the ideal husband as described above you need more than just growing up, reading books, and consulting marriage counselors. You need to have a definite encounter with God. He created you and he alone knows how to make you the ideal groom for the ideal bride.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I believe that you have learned something new. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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