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Man gives reason why Female children do not deserve any inheritance from their families.

Sometimes customs and traditions are what makes us NIGERIANS as a whole. They define who we are as a people and what's accepted and what's not. This is also the case of Female rights during inheritance. It is widely believed that the female child is not supposed to inherit anything from her family because she would be given off to another family and hence would inherit what her husband inherited.

In a post on Facebook, a man had this to say on female inheritance. He said, "the reason a child child does not deserve inheritance is because she is given away in marriage. Her name changes."

Reacting to this, a lady had this to say, "Since her husband's family won't also include her in their will. Its only wise her own family includes her. My female children would be part of my will no matter what. Marriage don't have to deprive them of everything."

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