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Certain Things A Lady Should Know About A Man Before Saying Yes To His Proposal

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During the period of relationship, a lady is supposed to know some important things about the man, before she can accept to be his wife.

Today, I'll be highlighting certain things ladies should know about a man, before saying yes to his proposal.

It is quite common in this generation, that ladies reject the proposal of some men, even after dating them.

Below are few things to know about the man you want to marry;

Know the job he does

It is very important that a lady knows the type of work her husband-to-be is doing. She needs to know because she has to plan a future with him. If she's not satisfied with the job, she can also help in securing a new job which will suit him best.

Know where he resides

It is your right as a lady to know where your man resides. Doing this will help you know if such a man is responsible enough, to be a husband and a man of the family.

Know how he manages his temper

This is one of the most important things to consider before marriage. Anger can destroy a lot of things, it can even break a new home. As a lady, you can deliberately do little things to check how your man will react to it.

An aggressive man needs a very quiet and tolerant woman, to compliment him. If you do not fit in those shoes, do not bother stepping into the marriage.

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