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8 Important Things To Avoid When Texting A Girl, Guys Please Take Note!

You finally have the nerve to ask for the girl's number, right? But you do know you 're making a little or a big mistake when you write a girl, which could be a turning off, so you might end up wasting all your efforts. It's just about a little or a little bit. You text a girl and things get fun and sweet between you, you may even feel like she's already in you then, boom! You know, boom. She began to answer your message immediately, and you wondered where the question might have arisen or emanated.

In this post I will share with you 5 Important Rules to Follow When Texting A Woman.

1.Don't Text Like Other Regular Guys:

After a girl's phone has been received, most guys start asking her questions, such as "Hey, how was your day?" or "How are you doing?" or even "You ate?" You still ask questions, before you just sweat it out and she starts answering your text. Why are you not a little curious to make sure that every text you send lightens her eyes and makes you different from those in her DM?

Here are some examples of how this could be done;

"Anyone who sees this type of text will feel this guy's so funny, and he must be nice, and if he builds on it, she will certainly play along and you will open many doors with that quick and easy text. I will only write a girl like this" Hey, I 'm bored ready to go and rob a bank. The most important thing here is not to question her and turn your game into something different and new.

2. Don't Discuss Too Many Intimate Issues Over Text:

It would be the boring day if you spoke to a girl about too many questions about Intimate Texts and placed a date to meet her personally as you had to address any topic of Intimate Texts when she wasn't with you physically. I believe that the main objective of the text is to set dates when you actually talk and meet people actively.

Make sure you don't waste any of your interesting or personal messaging conversations.

3. Do not add to Texting a Girl too much importance (having a meaning in life):

Many men get nearly crazy when a girl doesn't respond to an email, or when a message on a read receipt has been left the girl either busy or somewhere off. What do you not have to do and stop waiting to see your phone answer?

You 're a student, no matter whether you work in an office or have checked on your computer and experienced other big life problems. I can always say never that a girl is your inspiration in life because if you don't have the motivation, no girl will want to relate to you. That's very good and it helps a lot because she already answered your text when you are less busy most of the time you pick up your cell.

4. A text asking for nude selfies.

It's fun and exciting, I know, but it's disrespectful. It is sexualized. It is sexualized. By asking, you can completely disconnect her. The lack of sound limits reveals as she plays with it. Tell her that her limits are solid and warn her not to change them.

5. Texts that just says "Hi" or "Hey"

You 're a man; you 're a profound thinker. Texting her "hello" or "hey" also means that the girl needs to understand what she means. Are you going to ask her? Need to get her to call? Say instead, "Hello, can I call you?" or something you think you 're trying to get through with. Don't just send it out via e-mail.

6. “Hey, What's Up?” (The Everyday, Boring Text)

It is tiresome to send such a random text without any meaning or plan for a story to follow up and start a real conversation. According to most people, they get from people on a relatively regular basis.

the boring everyday text

Texts like these are unoriginal, conversations are rushed and often do not last, so the woman won't make a lot of effort – because they didn't have a lot of respect for her. Guys who are giving them come away and ask for her attention just as though they had nothing to say. Make sure that you have to say something if you're going to text.

7. “What Do You Do? Where Do You Live?” (The Rapid Fire Questions)

If a man thinks a woman is unresponsive – or simply doesn't make text fun – he may try and phrase each text as a question and think "She has to answer right now ..." On the other hand, women become irritated about those texts because it sounds like they are questioned – not only do many guys send them.

the non stop questions textIt should not be a work interview, but a text chat.

If people like to be questioned or screened, it's fun to talk, as the respondent feels compelled to take the question. This strain sometimes leads to answers that are just one sentence or to tell the truth. Perhaps worse, you end up with utterly disappointing responses.

Send "What do you do for a living?" For example, it's nice and fascinating but to follow her answer with another question is what transfers a text from "conversation" to" Q&A time rather than building upon what she said.

 8. “Just Checking Up On You…” (The Insecure Text)

So, at this point you haven't heard of her, what do you still think you have to do? A text that questions its acts and whereabouts is one of the texts you never can send to the woman.

the insecure textIf you had all that knowledge in her mind, she would immediately have told you.

It's fine to monitor her – to see if it's all right-but it 's also a stop to ask for details and to be captive. After all, she has a life outside of your relationship regardless of how bad it is between you two. If you do too hard, she will either cease to talk to you or begin to lied directly to you. And worse, you might frighten her by telling her you'll turn up unexpectedly or that you could stalk her.

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