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3 Things Your Woman Tells Her Friends About You

Ever wondered what your woman's friends know about you or you ever wondered what your woman and her friends constantly discuss about you? Your woman's friends could know very much about you without you even realizing it or even having the slightest clue about it, below are 3 things your woman tells her friends about you:

1.) Your hygiene: This is one thing that I am always very sure that most girls tell their friends about, a woman would discuss your hygiene with her friends whether it is appropriate or not so as a man if you want to pass this particular discussion you need to be more hygienic.

2.) Your handsomeness: A woman and her friends would constantly discuss her man's handsomeness I mean from his height to his physique and even to his facial hairs, women love to brag a lot about their man's physical features with their friends.

3.) Your financial worth: Did you just buy yourself a car, a house or even something expensive best believe that your woman is definitely going to discuss that with her friends, women always love it when they constantly brag about their man's financial worth and capability.

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