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How to get a girl’s interest back

1. Define what had gone wrong the first time

You’ll need to understand what actually went wrong last time. So you both can resolve such issues and make sure it doesn't repeat itself again rather than making thesame mistakes.

2. Impress her on a distance

Be a decent guy. Let the girl realize what she might be missing out on. First and foremost, do not behave like you feel depressed or broken hearted. Be a gentle and energetic person that hardly gets hurt rather you are a sucker for pain and can survive without her.

3. Make her miss you and desire you

After all, both you and your girl might get along on friendly terms. Still avoid spending too much time around her. Always show your best when ever you are with her and be strong in what ever you do. Don't spend too much time with her as she has to miss you.

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