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3 Ways To Start a Conversation With a Girl You Just Met

It is really difficult to meet a girl on the way and start a conversation with her. Most men tend to just move on because they don't really know what to start with and how to start talking to a girl.

This is just the habit of humans and even ladies get that feeling some times. So the question now is, how do you start a conversation with a girl you just met?

Well I will be discussing about 3 ways you can be able to start a conversation with a girl you just met

1. Compliment her

This should be the first thing you do when you meet up with a girl. Don't start by introducing who you are and what your name is. This matters but it should not be the first thing.

When complimenting, don't go too deep with this as she will start thinking you are creepy and it will generally make the conversation very awkward.

2. Introduce yourself

When you are done with the first stage which is complimenting her in a little way, the second thing you should do is introduce yourself. Tell her your name and what your purpose is for stopping her on the way.

Take note that you should not talk about your financial status, property or be too proud when taking to her as most ladies will discard you immediately after the discussion, if you say this.

3. Discuss topics that connect

When you are done introducing yourself to her in a calm way. You guys might move into other minor discussions. When she starts some of these topics, say things that connect and not the ones that go of point.

With this said, I am going to point out some things you should hold on to when doing these three things.

1. Confidence

This is your greatest key to winning her heart

2. Look Good

As much as you should not fake your personality, don't look like a hungry man. Look decent and well disciplined

3. Don't be rude when talking to her.

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