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When You Meet Your Old Friends, Resist The Urge To Ask Them What They're Currently Doing- Reno

When you meet your old friends after a long time, instead of asking them what they are currently doing, just pick up if you parted as reliable friends.

Asking your old friends what they are presently doing is improper, and it will make them feel like you want to know if you're better than them.

Mr Omokri tweeted earlier that when you meet your old friends, you should resist the urge to ask them what they are doing now. He said that what they do should not matter.

Mr Omokri added in his tweet that what your friends do should have no bearing on the relationship. He said that if you parted as reliable friends, you should pick up from there, irrespective of your present levels of success.

Under this tweet, someone commented that sometimes, it is necessary to ask so as to know if your friend needs assistance, support, or a contract.

He added in his comment that what Mr Omokri is supposed to condemn is the motive for asking an old friend what he/she is doing at the moment.

Below are more screenshots Mr Omokri got after he tweeted this.

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