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Don't go into relationship if you don't know this (to avoid heart break).

There's no perfect relationship but you can make yours looks perfect by taking the following steps.

Don't be a suck

Have you been around someone who is constantly a Debbie downer? Someone who always has something negative to say, no matter how the situation is? People like that suck the fun out of everything. They're fun sponges, and girls really hate such kind of person. Remember girls feels insecure when someone that can't make them happy or even smile at them. If you're such a guy, it means your are making their lives miserable. So look on the bright side of life and try to find the good in every situation especially when things don't work out because there are absolutely zero girls who wants to stay with a guy who's constantly bringing down their vibes.

Resist the urge

We live in an age where everyone is constantly bombarded with distractions. When you are with your partner pay extremely attention to her, don't let anyone distract you. It can be hard to stay focused when you're talking with a girl but that's not an excuse. Even though it's not your fault, a girl can't fall in love with a guy who's just not really there. So if you are not listening to her, she is going to notice, so if you want a girl to fall in love with you, you have to be attentive and actually acknowledge and hear what she is saying.

Prepare for take off

It doesn't matter which phase of a relationship you're in, physical contact is the number 1 way to get any girl to fall in love with. So when you're on a date, initiate a light touch at first. If she is into you, it'll give her a great emotion. Because on top of an emotional connection, girls need a physical connection with their Start slow and escalate things gradually until she gives you the all clear. And by the time the countdown starts, she'll be ready to blast off just as much as you.

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