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3 Ways To Know If Your Man Is Emotionally Down

I know that most men are stronger than most women emotionally but believe you me when I say that most men also break down emotionally, as a woman it is your responsibility to be very attentive to your man's behavior so you notice on time when he is emotionally down. Below are 3 ways to know if your man is emotionally down:

1.) He refuses to eat: This is the most glaring sign to know if something is wrong with your man emotionally, I mean why would a man reject food if he not emotionally down and stressed out?

2.) He keeps to himself: Most men usually do this a lot especially when they are emotionally down, when a man is emotionally down you would notice as his woman that he starts keeping to himself and avoiding people always.

3.) His alcohol intake increases: Another way to know when your man is emotionally down is to observe a change in his alcohol consumption pattern, when a man is down emotionally he tends to increase his alcohol intake drastically just so it could drown away all his troubles.

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