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Harm or Favour? Parents Checkout How these Things you do Affect your Children

It is quite a huge excitement becoming a father or a mother. Welcoming an innocent, soft and beautiful baby could be a lot of fun. It brings up a lot of happiness from within the soul and creates an abnormal attachment with a young loving human being. But sometimes some parents misdirect this love and therefore destabilize their ability to take necessary actions which will lead to bringing up the child well.

Here we want to show you some of the things parents do, in the name of favouring the child which turns out to be harm

1. Pampering

Some parents would for the love of the baby give the child whatever he or she wants. A child may see the parents drink beer and begin to cry in other to drink what the parents are drinking. He or she may not know what it is, but he believes that whatever the parents are taking should be good for them. Some parents even when they know is not good for the baby will give it to him.

Some parents would even give cigarette to the child even though they know it is harmful to the child. They do this to ensure that the child doesn't cry, this is quite dangerous.

If a child gets his way whenever he insist to by crying, get ready to have more cries because children are very intelligent, they know how to get what they want.

2. Withholding discipline

Parents should not withhold discipline or correction to a child. The Bible tells us to "spare the rod and spoil the child" the rod here signifies discipline,. Even though instructions must come before discipline, you must tell the child what to do before you discipline him for not doing it.

3. Compromise your dignity as a parent

Some parents allow their infants to slap them, it is a taboo for some parents to flog their children, so they can submit to anything as far as their child is concerned. This is harm to the child instead of favour.

A child must be made to recognize the superiority and authority of the parents before he can become a well brought up child. So parents must not compromise their authority as this is not love.

4. Treating your maid with contempt

Children easily recognize the attention and love given to them. They can also quickly differentiate between themselves and the maid depending on your actions. If you as a parent think that your child is more important than the maid and you make him or her treat your maid with contempt, he will learn to disrespect every other person. If you treat the maid well, he will think the maid is his sister and learn to respect everybody and behave well.

5. Quarrel with one another over discipline of the child

One of the greatest harm couples do to their children is to disagree over discipline of the child. If a woman quarrels with the husband over discipline of the child, the couple have failed in parental care. Couples must be united in their struggle to bring up a well behaved child.

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