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5 Qualities Of A Man You should Not Date As A Lady

Ladies are very meticulous when it comes to who to date. The relationship is key in life as it goes a long way to determining how far we go in life. As a lady who is getting ready for a relationship, there are things you should look out for in the guy before saying yes to his proposals. This is important because a lady will give everything she's got into her relationship just to make sure it works. There are 5 things you must look out for in any guy you want to date. 

1. If he has anger issues, be careful. Don't date a guy who has anger issues to save your neck. The problem with people like these is that when you offend them before you say "I am sorry", they have already done enough harm. If you love him, help him deal with that anger first and he must be willing to be helped. 

2. Don't date a guy that is not teachable. A proud guy will think he knows everything. You will find it very difficult to cope with someone like this. The guy must understand that he does not know everything and be willing to learn and make corrections. Humility is very important to the success of any relationship. 

3. Don't date a stingy guy. Giving is reciprocal in a relationship, however, some guys find it very difficult to give. When you know you are the only one calling him, he will not call you, he will not buy anything for you, please don't date such a guy. Giving is one way to show how healthy a relationship is and this must be from both sides and not just from one side.

4. Don't date an abusive guy. Don't date a guy who is abusive no matter how much you love him. No guy has the right to abuse you. Abuse could come from different angles: emotional abuse, physical abuse, etc. In any form, this abuse may manifest itself, don't accept it.

5. Don't date a guy that does not respect you. If you date a guy who does not have respect for you, one day you will discover that you have lost your self-esteem. Don't allow any guy to disrespect you in the name of love. As a woman, one of the ways to show your worth is by not just accepting anything. Don't date any guy who does not have respect for women. 

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