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5 Signs She Likes You But Scared Of Admitting It

What are the signs that can tell you the fact that a girl is secretly in love with you? If attraction towards you includes a good mixture of shy flirting, lovely antics and subtle hints - from the way she talks to her body language, are good indications of her falling in love with you yet is afraid and scared of the possibility of rejection. Below are some of the signs:

1. She compliments you

A surefire way to know that she loves you is if she compliments you. And the more detailed the compliment, the better. General compliments which could come from anyone don’t count, it’s the small things about you that only she has picked up on that means something. The fact that she wants to let you know all the things she finds attractive about you is a definite reassurance of her feelings towards you.

2. Texts you every time

When you are in college or school you can relate to this sign. In your friend circle, you can get to know this. You might have your friend which tells you about the girl, that she is talking about you indirectly. When you find a girl who is texting all day just to have a conversation with you. Whether it is in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night. This is a clear sign my friend you are getting a girl falling in love with you.

3. She treats you differently

If you have been close for some time and then she suddenly develops feelings for you, she will be a good actress to prevent you from knowing this. If she stops being touchy and starts treating you a little different, just know that something is up. She might not be comfortable with being friends with you because, in her heart, she desires for something big, but at the same time is worried about rejection and ruining the friendship.

4. She Tries To be Around You

She’ll always find some ways to be around you if she is genuinely interested in you. If you are going to ground to play soccer, you can see her sitting on a chair, watching your game. Or you go to the library for reading a book, she’ll be there, sitting next to you, reading an interesting book. When we like someone we try to stay around them. It’s because of two reasons.

5. She teases you

If she loves you, she will most likely make jokes and be playful with you. However, it’s not going to be in a mean way. She just feels comfortable with you and hope that you guys can vibe in the same frequency together. The reality is that she is happy being close to you and wants to have fun with you.

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