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"Why I Don't Invite Guys Into My House". Lady Reveals

A lady has revealed the major reason she doesn't invite into her house and I can tell you, the reason is kinda funny.

Above pictures are for illustration

A lady has taken to twitter to explain the reason she don't and won't invite any guy into her house. According to her, the main reason she decided she won't invite guys over to her place is because, guys always leave droplets of their urine on the toilet (WC) seat while to her, is really annoying. She went further to say that, she is not ready to clean anybody's urine.

One will think one of the reasons or even the major reason a lady will not invite guys into her house will be that, she doesn't want the guys to take advantage of her as it is almost becoming a norm this days, whenever a guy and a lady are alone together.

Pictures of the lady from her twitter page

This is really funny to me. Imagine something as trivia as urine droplets been the reason someone won't invite a guy or guys they wish to be with, over to their place.

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