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My Husband Leaves the Room Every Night This Is What I Caught Him Doing (fiction)

Always keep your home save.

Having a help is good but we should always be careful.

A woman cries out ;

I am a lady of 26 years old,still young and beautiful , a working class lady .

I am married and I have a son whom I love so much and care for .

Due to the nature of my job,I brought in a help to assist me with the house chores and also take care of my son .

Every night,I notice that my husband Leaves the room but I wasn't sure because I thought he was going to urinate.

On a Tuesday night ,I had a phone call which woke me up from sleep

When I woke up,I couldn't find my husband beside me so I waited for him some for some times but he didn't show up

I quickly went downstairs to check if he was watch the TV ,only for me to hear noise coming from my help room .

I immediately went to listen to what they are saying then I went back to my room .

The next morning I was so broken but I didn't confront my husband because I don't want to break our marriage.

I went to meet my mum and told her everything that happened and she told me that I should make him know I caught him in the act so he won't deny it.

The next night I went downstairs and opened my help room and I caught my husband with her.

My husband have been pleading with me since then ,I have forgiven him but I sent my help away .

What is your take on this?

Do well to drop your comments.

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