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3 Things To Keep To Yourself

One of the major mistake many people are doing today is their inability to keep silent to certain things that relate to them alone. Most successful people you see today are always conscious of themselves.

There is nobody that doesn't want to succeed in life but the price success entails is what many people are not following. It is true that individual of us have secrets but today we have make these secrets known to friends, mates and strangers.

Success respect principles because we are already in the world where things are really falling apart. If you wish to succeed in life, there are certain things you should never disclose to the society no matter how much you love them. Sometimes it's not everything you have to tell your wife or husband because of security reasons.

Bellow Are 3 Things You Should Never Tell Anyone About Yourself.

1# Your Plan For The Future.

Some think that telling people their future plan is right and have no any disadvantages on them. Your future plan is not for the consumption of the public because it's may turn against you in another way round.

Please be wish enough, you can mistakenly tell your future plan to your enemy without your notice and he or she may plan to kill you before your time.

2# The Amount Of Money You Have.

Don't ever tell your friends or any stranger how much is your salary or source of income because they may plan evil against you either to kill you or to feel jealous of you. Remember not everybody want your progress, there are people that hate you but pretend to love you whenever they are with you in person. Since you don't know who really hate you please use

3# Your Family Secrets

Some people bring problem to themselves by not keep secret of their family. Your family secrets shouldn't be disclose to anyone who is not a member of your family reason been that. Some people are enemy of progress they don't want the progress of your family so once they hear anything good about your family they become jealous and may go further in hurting you.

Please always be conscious of yourself whenever you are in the public. Thanks for reading God bless you.

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