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4 Common Body Languages Used by Ladies

The trending gist out there is that ladies find it difficult to approach the men that they like, as interesting as that sounds, it's not completely true, the only difference is that ladies don't do it the way men do it.

Ladies have a special way of approaching the men that they like, and that's through body language. They have several body languages that they used in communicating and also when they want to get the attention of a man they like.

If you're interested in finding out the ladies that are already willing to approach you, I will show you some of the body languages you should look out for.

In this article, I will be showing you four body language used by a lady when she wants you to approach her.

1. Smiling at you

You must have experienced this before, but maybe you didn't pay attention because you didn't know what it means. When a lady keeps smiling at you, she's trying to get your attention. Ladies know how charming their smile is, and that explains why they don't hide it when they see a guy that they like.

So when you see a lady smiling at you, she's only trying to communicate with you, that she finds you attractive and would like you to approach her.

2. Tight handshake

Body contact is another body language used by a lady when she wants you to approach her, she'll give you a tight and warm handshake that would leave you with an impression of her. It's one of the ways by which ladies make guys think about them, they know that once they give you that tight handshake, you will be confused and would start thinking of why they did it.

3. Starting conversations with you

The easiest way to get anybody's attention is through conversations, ladies understand this, and that explains why it's one of the body languages they use when they want you to approach them. She'll start initiating conversations with you, asking you questions, etc.

4. Laughing at your jokes

When you notice that a lady is always laughing at your jokes, whether they are funny or not, you should know that she's trying to get your attention, she wants you to approach her. Sometimes it might just be one of your sarcasm that would tip her off, and she would start laughing, she would continue to do this, till you start paying attention to her.

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