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3 Diseases You Can Contract From Kissing

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There is nothing more romantic and relaxing than sharing a kiss with someone you love so dearly. The feeling is simply out of this world but can also be dangerous especially when the person you wish to kiss is suffering from some health conditions.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the diseases you can contract from kissing. This is one reason you should stick to one partner but if you're not married, make sure you take the information contained in this piece very seriously.

1. Gingivitis; this is a form of gum disease that is not so common but if you have ever gone to the dentist's office, then you must have heard about thus gum disease. People suffer from this condition due to poor oral hygiene but the most unfortunate aspect is that, it can also be transmitted via kissing. So before you kiss anyone, make sure the person is not suffering from any gum disease especially gingivitis.

2. Mono; this is another disease that you can contract from kissing. This is often regarded as a kissing disease and it's caused by Epstein Barr virus and has terrible symptoms. Though not considered a very serious condition, it can make your lymph nodes to swell up in the neck and under the arm plus sore throat and loss of appetite. The symptoms are very obvious and as such, if your loved one is experiencing or portraying the Symptoms, take him or her to the hospital for treatment instead of contracting it yourself.

3. Syphilis; this is another infection that can be contracted from kissing an infected person. Though syphilis is often transmitted through sex itself but since it causes open sores around the mouth, kissing someone suffering from syphilis will make you contract it. If you have syphilis, visit a health professional, antibiotics can get it treated.

Asides the above stated infections, you can also contract HIV and other deadly infections through kissing but it can only be possible if the person you're about to kiss has an open wound in his or her mouth. Thanks.

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