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4 Ways Men hurt Their Women's Feelings Unknowingly and How to Make Your Woman Happy Instead.

Most husbands I know would never intentionally hurt their Woman's feelings. They aspire to be her guardians. However, men and women are not the same, and the way we respond to our wives frequently hurts their feelings at times. And, for the most part, it's accidental. We had no idea we were doing it.

We neutralize every desire we have to be our spouses' defenders when we don't see the harm we're bringing to their feelings. Hera are 4 ways man hurt their woman's feelings unknowingly.

1. Removes her from the conversation. When you act as if she isn't there or wouldn't understand what you're saying, she feels as if a piece of herself has been taken away. She views her marriage as a partnership in all aspects of life, including some she may never fully comprehend.

2. Speaks in a hushed tone. You hurt her spirit when you talk down to her as if she's less than you. Deeply. And you're well aware that she's no less than you. You don't even believe she is. But she can't always tell based on the way you speak to her.

3. Corrects her in the middle of a conversation. 

This could include finishing her sentences or speaking for her in public. When you display her to others as though she can't compete with you in creative thought, she feels devalued. Which you already know isn't the case.

4. Admiring other ladies more than you admires her.

She notices your gaze. She could even be able to decipher your extremely visible make-up. When a glimpse turns into a gaze, however, it wounds her. Especially when it happens all the time, everywhere you go.

Here is how to make her happy instead.

1. Respect her.

Respect is the most important thing you can do for a woman, and you should do it even if you don't do anything else. Simply treat her the way you would want to be treated. When you love someone, the most essential thing you can do is show it. True love cannot exist without mutual respect.

2. Listen & Pay attention to her. 

Listen to her instead of just being quiet when she's talking. Asking questions and truly responding to what she's saying are both examples of active listening. This not only shows her that you're paying attention, but it also makes it easier for you to concentrate and remember what she's saying.

3. Support her in her endeavors. This is what we all want in a partner: someone who will always be there for us. If she requests assistance and you are able, assist her in solving her concerns. Don't merely handle her problems for her; take command of the situation. Instead, provide her with the resources she requires to assist herself.

4. Give her encouragement. Encourage her to follow her life's aims and objectives. If she discovers something that makes her happy, provide her with the space and resources she requires. This is how relationships work: she would do the same for your happiness.

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