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Dear Men Stop Hiding These 5 Secrets From Your Wife If You Want To Live Happily In Your Marriage

Some persons believes that the reason most couples don't live happily is simply because either partner got married to the wrong person. I can't tell how true that is but there are a lot of reasons why most couples are not living happily. For every man to live happily with his wife here's 5 secrets he shouldn't hide from her

1. Health Status

Wives can tell the health Status of their kids without asking them if they are ok or not but most wives can't tell the health status of their husband mostly if he's engaged in hard jobs. It is the duty of a wife to watch over her family which includes her husband, this duty will not be complete if men fail to inform their wives of their health status (healthy or not).

2. ATM pin

Thousands of men believe that this is one of the biggest mistake a man will ever make but the truth is disclosing your credit card pin to your wife brings about trust and also makes her feel secured.

3. Account Balance

Women are well known to be demanding, the reason behind this is simply because they believe their husband has a lot of cash which he doesn't want to disclose to them. Updating your wife with your account balances on a regular will help curb the rate at which she request for money.

4. Salary/Wages

For every marriage to grow understanding is been needed, for every marriage to progress both spouse needs to have a certain goal and aim for their family and for this to be made possible both spouse needs to be open to each other in every aspect including how much they earn monthly, weekly or daily.

5. Nest Of Kin

Often times men have taken it upon their selfs not to inform their wife who their next of kin is. Every woman wants to plan with their partner but no woman wants to plan with a partner who is secretive about this properties and finance.

What is your take on these 5 points?

Drop your comments below.

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