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Many have entered into marriages based on how it appeared and it was not so - Dr Paul Enenche



-Pastor Paul Enenche at Early Will I Seek You on ' HE SHALL DIRECT THY PATH. ', Glory Dome.

Give the Lord a big clap and a loud shout of praise.

You are excited to see a very wonderful, bright, new exciting week, give Him another clap and a louder shout of praise. And please be seated in the Presence of the Lord.


Proverbs 3:5-6.

Somebody say Amen.

There are three things we do to cause God to direct our path:

1. Trust God absolutely: where there is no room for distrust; you are not suspecting God. You don't think that God is unfair.

2. Rely not on your wisdom: Don't judge things by the way they appear because most times things are not the way they appear.

Many have entered into marriages based on how it appeared and it was not so.

3. Involve Him in all your steps: Proverbs 3:6.

Every step you intend to take in life, Lord this is a move to make, are You in this move? Should I go this way?.

When you have done these three things; trust in God, relying not on your wisdom, involving Him in all your ways, He will do one thing and that is He will direct your path.

That word "direct your path" can mean three or four things:

1. It is the guarantee of Divine direction.

2. It's the guarantee of acceleration.

3. It's the guarantee of Divine protection. It means if He would direct your path, He won't allow you to collide with danger. He will lead you away from danger, He will lead you away from calamity.

4. It is a guarantee of the expected destination. He will make you land where you are meant to land, end where you are meant to end.

Stand up on your feet let's give Him the praise.


Lamentations 3:22-23

Father, thank You for Your goodness. Thank You for the arrival of a new day and new week. To You alone be all the praise Lord in Jesus Name.

Psalm 105:1-2

Father, thank You for the blessings and testimonies of last week. Thank You Lord for Your acts of wonder. To You alone be all the praise Lord in Jesus Name.

Acts 10:38

Father, we ask for the manifestation of Your Almightiness like never before at the special healing and deliverance service tomorrow. We ask that You move in Your presence like never before in Jesus Name.

Acts 2:47

Father, we ask for Your wave of Revival in our midst to grow in intensity. We ask for this week's harvest of multitudes of souls Lord in Jesus Name.

Matthew 16:18, Luke 10:19.

Father, we ask for the arrest of the agenda of evil. We decree that every plot and plan against Your Church, Dunamis in this season be absolutely frustrated in Jesus Name.

Father, I trust You with all my heart, I don't doubt You, I rely not on my wisdom, I rely on Your Wisdom. Father, I hand over my steps, my moves, my actions into Your Hands. Father, take charge this week and the rest of the year Lord in the Name of Jesus.

Father, I receive direction, Divine direction this week for my life, family, business, the work of my hands. Father, I ask that You leave me not to myself. I reject confusion, misdirection Now.

Father, I receive Divine acceleration this week in the Name of Jesus. I reject stagnation, my life, assignment, my family cannot be stagnated. Nothing around me is stagnated. I am moving forward, everything about me is moving forward. I receive Divine acceleration today in the Name of Jesus.

Father, this week I receive Divine protection. I ask that You will direct me away from danger, calamity, disaster. Father, direct my steps, paths, actions away from disasters, calamity, destruction this week Lord in Jesus Name.

Father, You will take me to my expected end this week, this month, this year. Father, I look up to You, I trust in You with all my heart. I receive the guarantee of an expected end. I, my family, what I do, we shall end well this week, this month, this year well in the Name of Jesus.

FIREFULL declarations.

You shall not be cut short before your time. Every death looking for you or any member of your family will never arrest you.

Every witchcraft network trying to tie down your life and your destiny is set on fire in Jesus Name.

This week shall be a most unusual, most explosive week in the Precious Name of Jesus Christ.

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