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Lady Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend Because He Told Her To Delete This Picture She Posted On Facebook

A Nigerian man has been left heartbroken because he tried to man up and make his relationship work well and on the right part.

Yesterday in a relationship advice group, a man brought up a problem which he's currently battling with his relationship because his girlfriend who he intends to marry used a picture he doesn't approve of to do her Facebook profile picture. He tried to make her change it but the result of it was worse than the picture itself, she broke up with him for telling her that. She took to the popular group on WhatsApp to seek for advice. Here's his complaint, read and advice him if you can.

See screenshot of his chats from the group below.

Note: All numbers and names will be covered for privacy reasons. Thank you.

In his own words, he wrote "Hi. Good morning everyone in SMD family. I really need your advice on something I just found out this morning after I log into Facebook this morning for the first time in some weeks. I've been working outside my state for sometime now, even before the lockdown started, I'm a site engineer, I work even during this lockdown.

I live with my girlfriend who I intend to marry after training her in school which I started training her after we go started our relationship 2 years ago. We live in imo state near school side, that's where I met her, she is an indigen of imo.

I logged in my Facebook today and I saw that she has changed her profile picture. What I saw there broke my heart. She is almost neked. How can my girlfriend, who I want to marry be dressing like this ?. Is this not improper ? Why is she saying nothing is wrong with this ?. Or am I feeling insecure. Why will my future wife wear only pant and post on Facebook. I called her and asked her to change it and she refused. I threatened to break up with her and she cut the call after saying I can do my worst. See the message she send me. She has break up with me. I really love this girl and want to marry her. Please I need your advice.

Below is the picture his girlfriend used as profile photo on Facebook which he doesn't like.

What are your advice to him ? To me, he should move ahead with life. Maybe she intentionally did it to get a small opportunity to break up with him and she got it and used it well.

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