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10 Important Signs To Figure Out The Love Of Your Life.

True love is a strong and lasting affection between spouses or lovers who are in a happy, passionate, and fulfilling relationship. True love is more than just being interested physically in someone, it's an emotional attachment, when you are with your love, you will feel secure and stable. It is very hard to find true love but when you notice these things in someone, then that means, that is the love of your life. 

1. They inspire you

The love of your life will inspire you to do the right thing, they will encourage and support you, they will become your tormentor and guidance, they will never let go of you, they will surely encourage you to fulfill your dreams, they will motivate you, the person who inspires you is your tormentor, they will also become your mentor. The one who motivates you to achieve your aim love's you wholeheartedly. They will give you the courage to overcome your greatest problem, they will inspire you to never relent, they will also inspire you to do all the things you never planned on doing on your own, the things you think you can't do or fulfill. They will awaken your desire to live and enjoy a happy life, they make you understand the importance of life, they will persuade you to plan and to believe in the future. The perfect relationship is the one that never fails to fuel inspiration. 

2. They listen to you

When someone truly loves you, they will listen to you, your complaints, and everything you say, the person will listen to what you have to say, whether it is interesting or not. Listening to someone means giving complete attention to the person talking, they will listen to you generously and lovingly, they will put themselves in your shoes. They always try to understand the feeling and content of what you are saying, they won't interrupt you but let you speak, they will put their agenda and needs aside and focus on yours. They are always patient towards you, they don't only listen to you with their ears but with all their body, they never distract you or your attention but they listen to the entire conversation.

3. They know your feelings just by looking or staring at you

This helps you to know your true love, they know what is going on in your mind just by staring at you, they know what you are feeling, they know when you are happy or sad. They don't just see what you look like but they see your heart and your entire future. Someone like this is the love of your life because they already know everything about you without asking, just by staring at you. 

4. They know the ways to make you smile and laugh

This is another sign of knowing your love, when you are angry or sad, they know how to put a smile on your face. They also know some sweet words to say to you to make you happy and forget your pain, by seeing that, it shows that the person is your love. 

5. They don't compete with you

They do not compete with you, whether you are rich or not, but they always try to achieve the target as a team, they never boast like they knowns everything or have everything, they only want to make peace with you and always be happy together. 

6. They make an effort to be close to those closest to you

They try to be close to those closest to you like your closest friend, relatives and so many other people. They want to have your friends as their friends as well, they want to interact with everyone around you and create peace, this is a sign showing, that person is your love and belongs to you. 

7. They trust you and you also trust them

They trust you in whatever you say and they will surely fight for you when someone talks badly and wrongly about you, and you will also find a way to trust them because they will never lie or pretend to you and you won't be able to bear when someone is talking wrongly about the person. They will even share their password with you. They will say what they mean and mean what they say, they will also remember the role of respect towards you and also take a risk with you. 

8. They show interest in what interests you

They will surely have an interest in your interest and want, whatever is your best will also be their best, they will endure with you, they will stand by you and also fight for you.

9. They allow you to be yourself

They will never force you to do what you don't wish to do, they will give you space when needed, they appreciate who you are, they will not fight with you, they will also understand the situation and what you are going through. They will surely honor your request, they will always thank you for being honest about what you need. They will always appreciate the time you spend together, they will appreciate your smile and loving voice, always give you a break and they also know your value.

10. You feel incomplete without them

This is a great sign that shows the true love of your life when they are not around you, you feel bored and incomplete. Incomplete describe that something is missing in you, you will always feel like they should be around you. Especially when any misunderstanding occurs, you won't feel happy at all, you will always be sad until you see that person and settle the misunderstanding, you won't see any reason for not apologizing.

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